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Your Buffalo Business Lawyer, Frank Bogulski.

While at Cornell, Mr. Bogulski studied economics and business extensively. Frank has provided legal counsel to numerous local business owners throughout Western New York. His clients include real estate companies, restaurant/bar owners, physicians, LLC’s and various other businesses. If you are looking to start a business, interested in purchasing a business or have an existing business, Frank Bogulski can assist in advising and helping you with all aspects of your legal needs. Call Frank at (716) 649-0090 now to arrange for your free legal consultation!


Your Company Needs A Business Lawyer...

  • Forming a New Business
  • Change Of Legal Structure
  • Protect Your Business Against Future Lawsuits
  • Create Operating Agreements Between Business Partners
  • Protect Against Employees, Disgruntled Ex-Employees
  • Protect Business Intellectual Property
  • Help With Purchase Or Sale Of A Business
  • Anytime You Enter Into A Contract

Not having a business lawyer to help your business puts you at a significant disadvantage in business contracts when the other party has representation. Your business is important and Frank Bogulski is a Buffalo business attorney ready to represent your company every step of the way. Do you have a legal question that you would like to ask Frank? Simply type in your question and Frank will be glad to try to help your business.